Text Books and Publications

The Project has a textbook and course material program, which involves the production of textbooks on specific areas of social work practice. Chinese and international scholars are invited to form writing teams to research and write on their areas of expertise. A number of books are now in press:

  1. Women and Social Work in China edited by Liu Meng (Chinese Women University) and Sheila Neysmith (UTFSW);
  2. Community Development edited by Miu-chung Yan (San Francisco State) and Gao Jianguo (Shandong University);
  3. Family Mediation in Chinese Communities by Howar Irving (UTFSW) with Chinese colleagues in Hong Kong.

Marion Bogo's book on Field Instruction has been translated, and it will go through an indigenization process through consulting with Chinese colleagues. We hope to have the book ready for publication in 2007/2008.

Ka Tat Tsang is working with Prof. Jia Xiaoming of Beijing Institute of Technology to develop a book on clinical practice that is scheduled to be completed in 2007/2008.

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