Shandong University

Focusing on actual practice has driven our collaboration agenda with social work schools in Shandong Province. Shandong is a populous province with three times the population of Canada (over 900 million), and is also an industrial powerhouse of the country. Schools of social work in Shandong have maintained an admirable tradition of open collaboration and mutual support that is rare in most other parts of the world. Our involvement with Shandong universities follows their tradition, and we work side by side with both Canadian and international colleagues to assist Shandong schools to realize their scholarly objectives. The role that we have chosen to play is to support the consolidation of actual social practice, conceived inclusively to cover policy, community, organization, family, groups, and individual work. It is our wish to support social work faculty members to get immersed in actual practice, in documenting their experience, and to become effective as instructors and supervisors for their students in the mastery of actual practice skills. We are seeking funding to support the finding of a practice learning and research centre, as well as to support graduate student exchange in international practicum. Our colleagues in Shandong have identified a number of practice issues, including child protection, school social work, health care, migrant populations and the homeless, women rights, labor rights, and domestic violence. We will work closely with them to identify foci and to develop a collaborative framework.

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