Community Support for Children with Special Needs

We Ally Social Enterprise (WASE)

We have been working on a new program, We Ally Social Enterprise (WASE), to meet the unmet needs of families of children with special needs. The We Ally Social Enterprise (WASE) aims to provide in-depth quality respite and tutoring services to children with special needs, including autistic spectrum disorder, learning disabilities, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and other challenges. The WASE will also provide employment training and opportunities to youth and newcomers.

Community Support for Children with Special Needs

We have been providing volunteer recruitment and other admin support to Spirit of Life, a charitable non-profit organization dedicated to bridging the gap between Chinese Canadian families and special needs service providers through education, advocacy, and resources, for the monthly parent support group in the past 5 years. More than 100 families of children with special needs have benefitted from the support group.

Initiative Project for Autism or Autistic Spectrum Disorder in 2010

In the summer of 2010, Dr. Ka Tat Tsang and Linus Ip worked with a group of parents in Toronto with children who have been diagnosed with autism or autistic spectrum disorder. The objective was to develop a program that will help both the parents and their children to develop strategies and skills that will enhance the children's capacity for social learning.

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SSLD and Autism

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