Phase II Collaboration and Knowledge Transfer

Building on existing collaborative relationships with partners in China, the Project is focusing on a number of initiatives in the areas of health and mental health, public policy, community development, and social work education with an emphasis on practice training:

  1. Training of social workers and mental health professionals in China in psychotherapy and counselling (Major Collaborator: Beijing Institute of Technology).

  2. Responding to the May 12, 2008 earthquake in Sichuan Province:
    • Training psychiatrists and mental health professionals serving earthquake victims;
    • Training for community redevelopment initiatives;
    • Developing intervention models for professionals in social work and mental health.

  3. Supporting the development of social work education in Shandong Province.

  4. Direct training programs delivered in China in the areas of information technology (Rob MacFadden), family mediation (Howard Irving), clinical practice and social work education (Ka Tat Tsang).

  5. Strengthening social work practice and practice education
    • Help to set up NGO and service programs;
    • Training and developing practice supervisors and field educators;
    • Establishing and promoting role models.

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