Collaboration and Knowledge Transfer

Apart from the substantial accomplishments mentioned in the other pages, the Project has established an excellent profile for the UTFSW among Chinese social worker scholars as well as international colleagues interested in the development of social work in China. The Project continues to attract requests for training, collaboration, and exchange. The Project provides ongoing support to colleagues who work with Chinese communities here or elsewhere (e.g., with translation, contacts, background research):

  1. A special MSW scholarship 1999-2001 (Peter Guo completed the MSW program and returned to China);

  2. Establishment of the Irene So Computer Laboratory for social work education in Beijing, enhancing the capacity of on-line learning for social work students of the China College of Civil Affairs;

  3. A study tour by heads of the Civil Affairs Training Centres from different provinces in China. They came to Canada in November 2001 to attend workshops on social work education and visited social service agencies in Toronto and Vancouver;

  4. Direct training programs delivered in China in the areas of information technology (Rob MacFadden), family mediation (Howard Irving), clinical practice and social work education (Ka Tat Tsang);

  5. Consultation on curriculum development and academic programs with a number of Chinese universities, including Shandong University, Yunnan University; Beijing Institute of Technology, and Nanjing Normal University. The Shandong University collaboration has resulted in a number of activities and projects:
    • A diploma of social work education program for social work faculty in the various universities and colleges in Shandong Province, started in 2006.
    • A practicum program aiming at the training of field instructors at three selected sites in Jinan, Shandong.
    • Ka Tat Tsang was invited as the keynote speaker at the provincial social work conference of Shandong in 2003 and 2005.
    • A special training program on Social Skills Training in Group Practice (delivered by Ka Tat Tsang) in May 2005.

  6. Visiting scholars from various Chinese institutions, including the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the China College of Civil Affairs, Nanjing Normal University, South China Agricultural University and All-China Women's Federation. To date, seven visiting scholars have pursued specific programs of study focusing on different aspects of social work practice in China. Evaluation and follow up visits showed that all of them are very satisfied with their experience in Canada, and have found the program valuable.

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