Ministry of Civil Affairs

The key idea is to assist our Chinese colleagues to develop high quality of service in their chosen areas of practice. We have been fortunate in that our collaborators are involved in different levels of social work practice and knowledge building. On the policy level, for example, we have been working with Mr. Wang Laizhu, an alum from our visiting scholars program, who is the Chief of the Legislation Bureau of the Ministry of Civil Affairs. Mr. Wang in charge of drafting legislations pertaining to social welfare and civil affairs to be adopted by the Chinese government. He has been working with us to form international advisory panels to help him engage in comparative policy and legislation research in preparation of the draft. Professor Miu-chung Yan of the School of Social Work of University of British Columbia, one of our Ph.D. graduates, is currently working with him on a piece of legislation concerning the regulation of charity organizations. Professor Wes Shera is a member of the team as well. Another piece of legislation that we may be looking into is related to income protection for low-income rural populations in China. Professor Ernie Lightman will be involved in this process.

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