Academic Publications

Apart from the conference proceedings mentioned on the other pages, a number of academic publications have come out of the Project:

  1. Yan, M.C., & Tsang, A. K. T. (2005). A snapshot on the development of social work education in China: A Delphi study. Social Work Education, 24(8), 883-901.

  2. Tsang, A.K.T., & Yan, M.C. (2001). “Chinese corpus, Western application”: Chinese strategy of engagement with Western social work discourse. International Social Work Journal, 44(4), 433-454.

  3. Tsang, A.K.T., Yan, M.C., & Guo, H. (2001). Positioning social work at a time of rapid changes in China: A scientific approach to social issues. Shehuixue Yanjiu [Sociological Research], 2001(2), 63-67. (Published in Chinese)

  4. Tsang, A.K.T., Yan, M.C., & Shera, W. (2000). Negotiating multiple agendas in international social work: The case of the China-Canada Collaborative Project. Canadian Social Work Review, 17(Suppl), 147-161. (Special Issue for the Joint Conference of the International Federation of Social Workers and International Association of Schools of Social Work, June, Montreal, jointly published with Canadian Social Work and Intervention) (Published in English, French, and Spanish)

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